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Why the World Isn’t One Hellish Fire…and Why Travel Stories are Crucial

When people find out that I’m traveling the world, I tend to get the same comments. Normally a variation of, “I could never do that—is that safe—the world is so dangerous—I’d be too scared—wow, you’re so brave.” You would think that I’m Super Woman simply for hoping a plane. I’m especially reminded how dangerous America seems to non-Americans. And while I appreciate the compliments and respect others’ fears, I’m not a super hero and the world isn’t one giant hellish fire

How Do You Help Adventure Travelers Create Their Story?

Normally, the beginning stages of crafting a story often involve having a brainstorming session, during which you gather information and develop possible scenarios. You’ll add as much info as you can to the whiteboard and then sort through it later.

Images, ideas, and copy that answer questions like: What does the setting look like? Who are the characters? What do they do? What drives them? What do they see? How do they change and grow? What do they learn?

Now apply this mindset to travel.

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