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Why Do Travel and Adventure Matter?

They highlight the beauty of our differences and similarities,
while offering ample opportunity to improve ourselves, and the world, through greater understanding, compassion, and personal growth.

Where Does Storytelling Come In?

Adventure travelers continue to transform the industry by seeking more rewarding, authentic experiences. And we design them mostly on information gleaned from online content. A natural partner, if not extension, of travel, story not only entertains, but simultaneously educates, inspires, and reveals truths about who we are. The audience doesn’t just consume and filter the information, we follow the path of the story.
We find ourselves mentally living out the narrative, exploring and exacting new constructs of our world.
No matter the context, story draws us in and leaves its impression.


And we thrive on this.

Why Should You Embrace Storytelling?

Because storytelling itself is an adventure.

 And maybe you don’t realize it, but, as an industry member, you have great potential to help connect people and cultures.
Simply by sharing who you are and what you have to offer.

By changing the approach and purpose with which you create content for adventure travelers, you can have a significant impact on a number of areas. How and why people travel.The quality of their time, and therefore travel as a whole.

And most importantly, how cultures come to understand, accept, and celebrate one another.

Really, what an awesome opportunity.

How Do You Craft Compelling Stories?

1. Know Who You Are

Get clear on what moves you, what inspires you, what drives you to do what you do, what you have to offer.

For two reasons. Not only will you be able to sustain the ability to continue with content marketing, but your enthusiasm will show through. And that’s what will connect with your audience. It’s evident. It’s a key qualifier in what defines great work.


Don’t start creating without it.

2. Know Your Audience

It sounds obvious, but when content falls flat it’s because the creators fail to switch to an audience perspective in the beginning phases. At the outset, you need to know what specific problems your audience has, what drives and inspires it, with what archetypes it identifies, and how it consumes information. (Among a number of other psychographics and demographics.) But without this, your story won’t resonate on a personal level. It won’t establish a meaningful connection. And that’s the whole point.

3. Get Clear About Your Story

Not just what you want to say for an individual piece, but how that builds your story. One that speaks to who you are in the world, what you’re doing, and who you’re bringing with you.

Think of your brand as a novel, with each content effort serving as a chapter of that book. How does each, even if vastly different at times, cooperate to build a greater vision? A more meaningful conversation?

What do you want or have to say? How do you want your story to affect the audience? What do you want it to experience? With what will it leave? How will it be changed?

Your answers dictate everything about your storytelling style, including voice, length, pacing, delivery, mode, word and image choice, what details to include, etc.


4. Let Story Take Shape

When you know what you want to say, what you need to get across, you’ll find that the story will choose the shape it wants to take. One that feels the most natural, the most appropriate. This could be a blog post, an ebook, or a documentary video. Or maybe that means multiple forms.

On the other hand, sometimes form forces creativity. You’ll find ideas in guidelines that drive prolific production.

No matter how you find your motivation, one thing is for sure: Story refuses to be pigeonholed. There is no one right way as along as it’s authentic and touches your audience.

“Jaylyn is an amazing copywriter, who can quickly and easily assess our needs, often asking the questions we had not considered. When given a project’s parameters, she dives in and immerses herself in research to make sure she is on point, no matter the topic. From B2B to B2C, we can count on Jaylyn to write exactly what we need on time and on budget.”

Ian Weir

Account Executive , The Harmon Group

Jaylyn is an awesome writer/editor. She works tirelessly to get the job completed. She is very goal-oriented and ensures that the product that is delivered is in its highest quality.

Bill DeSteph

Virginia Delegate , 82nd District

Jaylyn is meticulous about writing the best copy to fit your company and your tone. She has captured the tone of my company after a couple interviews and wrote attention getting text that my customers comment on regularly.

Joy Davis

Owner, JR Designs

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